Definition of household gods in US English:

household gods

plural noun

  • 1Gods presiding over a household, especially (in Roman history) the lares and penates.

    • ‘Again legend tells us that the Swallow was sacred to the Penates or household gods, and therefore to injure one would be to bring wrath upon your own house.’
    • ‘But there were also household gods - the gods of the hearth - specific to each family or clan.’
    • ‘It's about the generations coming together and paying their respects to their ancestors and the household gods.’
    • ‘According to Virgil, Aeneas's sacrifice is to the goddess Juno; in Varro it is to the household gods; and in Dionysios it is to the Penates, in a shrine erected after the sacrifice took place.’
    • ‘This one is a New Year poem, called Lares Et Penates, inspired by the Roman concept of household gods.’
    • ‘The Romans had personal household gods or spirits called ‘lares’ which were worshipped every day at home.’
    • ‘His household gods came alive and told him he must go to Italy from where Dardanus came.’
    • ‘Gonds also worship family and household gods, gods of the field, and gods of cattle.’
    1. 1.1 Possessions held in esteem.
      ‘the Fairley household gods—portraits and an assortment of silver’
      • ‘It is so inexpressibly lovely that it makes a man ask himself whether it would not be worth his while to move his household gods to the eastern coast of Australia in order that he might look at it as long as he can look at anything.’
      • ‘Pay plenty of adoration to my household gods, whatever they may be.’
      • ‘I thought of nothing but a precipitate retreat with my household gods, or rather goods, if such a trumpery collection of individual property might be called so.’


household gods

/housˌ(h)ōld ˈɡädz/