Definition of household in US English:



  • A house and its occupants regarded as a unit.

    ‘the whole household was asleep’
    as modifier ‘household appliances’
    ‘ten percent of households had a television’
    • ‘The new figures showed 95 per cent of urban households now have access to the high speed access.’
    • ‘Twenty one percent of households in our country failed to find enough to eat in 1999.’
    • ‘Of course this is not true - you are only required to have a license if you use a television in your household.’
    • ‘Since being launched in July, the pilot scheme has been taken up by 85 per cent of households.’
    • ‘All of these can be measured at the unit of the individual, or the whole household.’
    • ‘You add up all the household incomes and you divide in by the number of households.’
    • ‘Over 40 per cent of households were dissatisfied with how complaints were handled.’
    • ‘The lack of availability is cited by less than ten per cent of non-wired households.’
    • ‘Assume that each of those households was a nuclear family: a father, a mother and two children.’
    • ‘Seventy per cent of households will be better off or unaffected by our plans.’
    • ‘Just eight per cent of households throwing away full card numbers had made attempts to destroy them.’
    • ‘Only 22 per cent of working households are earning enough to afford a home at that price.’
    • ‘A two week cycle is not adequate for family households and will lead to the town becoming a tip.’
    • ‘It is now an extended and adapted house for occupation by eleven households.’
    • ‘Fifty percent of all households rely on the Local Authority for their housing needs.’
    • ‘In some Parkhead households there are families where three generations have grown up without knowing work.’
    • ‘The council budgeted for three per cent of households to use black bags instead of wheeled bins.’
    • ‘The research also found that six out of ten households in Britain have PCs and a quarter of these have more than one machine.’
    • ‘By Sunday night our eight page election newspaper had been delivered to tens of thousands of households.’
    • ‘When one of us is labouring over a difficult job it affects the whole household.’
    family, house, family circle, ménage, clan, tribe
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