Definition of housefather in US English:



  • A man in charge of and living in a boarding school dormitory or other group residence.

    • ‘So I asked his housefather if it was okay for Theo to come.’
    • ‘In the home the functions of the priesthood are discharged through the housefather and, under circumstances, through the housemother.’
    • ‘If, now, the housefather should say, ‘On Friday we are going to eat meat,’ this would be a word common to everybody in the house.’
    • ‘To the best of our knowledge, our rights as housefathers have never been encroached upon.’
    • ‘At the beginning of the second year, Brother Bergson asked a young alumnus to be the housefather for the year.’
    • ‘The new housefather took an interest in me as an individual human being as distinct from viewing me as an anonymous inmate of an institution.’
    • ‘After working as a housefather, Porteous became health and safety officer at the school and stayed in the post until he retired four years ago.’
    • ‘In the mornings we were woken up at 5: 30 by our housefather turning our lights on and off.’
    • ‘They would have to pay for a housefather to live here and, on top of that, utilities.’
    • ‘He has even started calling Jennifer and me ` Mom and Dad’ on occasion,’ notes proud housefather Bob.’
    • ‘I lived in Australian ashrams and found them to be full of power-crazed micro-manager housemothers and housefathers who used double standards in how they applied the rules to different ashram residents.’
    • ‘And the grey doctors bundled each newborn into the standard, blue-and-pink starred receiving blanket, for distribution to other, anonymous, housemothers and housefathers in the community.’