Definition of housedress in US English:



  • A simple, usually washable, dress suitable for wearing while doing housework.

    • ‘And I'm not ready to wear elastic waistband polyester pants or shapeless granny housedresses.’
    • ‘She was still wearing a housedress like the one Molly would usually see her in, but her hair was messier and she looked distressed.’
    • ‘But I had learnt from a young age that travelling around the state in mules with little ribbons stuck to them and a cotton housedress was a painful and cold trek.’
    • ‘She had blonde curls that hung around her slightly plump face, and she wore a common housedress and apron over it.’
    • ‘At breakfast, Cate came into the dining room wearing a casual housedress, but Genevieve was already dressed in all of her splendor.’
    • ‘When she came to write her numbers she put on a starched print housedress and brushed her hair until it was slick and shiny.’
    • ‘Tell that to Anne and her pretty green housedress.’
    • ‘Sitting still in a chair was a gray-haired woman in a faded housedress who resisted the viewer's gaze.’
    • ‘She walked all the way back to her room and dressed into one of her housedresses, since it would be more comfortable that way.’
    • ‘She would add feather stitch embroidery to the neckline of the plain housedresses she bought.’
    • ‘A fat black woman in a faded housedress glanced at him with glazed disinterest.’
    • ‘An officer and a woman in a pretty housedress walked out and met the small family.’
    • ‘In one hand she's holding her shoes, pink-colored pumps against her blue housedress.’
    • ‘And there is a whiff of ironic retro cool in wearing a rebuilt 1950s housedress or baking pink cupcakes from scratch.’
    • ‘At the kitchen door, I turned once again to look at her in her blue housedress.’
    • ‘My housedress is all open and the baby makes a hump.’
    • ‘She exhaled deeply and then changed into a green housedress.’
    • ‘He knew where my mother kept her nightgowns, her housedresses and especially… her underwear.’