Definition of housecleaning in English:



North american
  • 1The action or process of cleaning the inside of a house or apartment.

    ‘I take care of the housecleaning, cooking, and laundry’
    • ‘I guess for me I've always had to trust the lord for the next job, which is usually housecleaning.’
    • ‘In the late nineteenth century, women were primarily responsible for cultivation, food preparation, and housecleaning.’
    • ‘Another option is to give gifts of time or service such as free babysitting, housecleaning, cooking, etc., to those on your gift list.’
    • ‘Similar information about Nicaraguan American women in the workplace is not available, though many sources say that Central American women commonly work in textiles and housecleaning.’
    • ‘But he irritated me so today, and as it gives me an excuse to put off the housecleaning for another half hour, I'll have a go at it.’
    • ‘I do housecleaning just to get some of my stuff back, that's all.’
    • ‘There was no procrastination as with exercise, no excuses as with trying to stop eating sugar, no laziness as with housecleaning and other chores.’
    • ‘It was a good day for some housecleaning last weekend.’
    • ‘He still owes me a housecleaning and babysitting from months back and anyone who welches on a promise isn't deserving of accolades.’
    • ‘Well, my mom was not given the gift of housecleaning.’
    • ‘Once, a female friend from church offered to recruit teams of volunteers to provide meals, housecleaning and baby-sitting on a regular basis.’
    • ‘In fact, a general housecleaning is long overdue.’
    • ‘Physically, I'm fine. My body is raring to go, ready to face the housecleaning and running around of another Saturday.’
    • ‘People with two homes spend, on average, five times as much as those with one home on, among other things, lawn care, home security, pest control and housecleaning.’
    • ‘Traditionally, the Norwegians perform a thorough housecleaning before Christmas, which actually extends until January 2, the end of the holiday season.’
    • ‘One thing's for certain about modern-day housecleaning - everybody's got a different definition of clean.’
    • ‘Inform patients that routine household duties, such as bill paying, laundry, and housecleaning, should be taken care of a few days before surgery.’
    • ‘He enjoys housecleaning and keeps cell 2 unblemished: he scrubs the toilet, sink and floor; he dusts and folds laundry.’
    • ‘As I scurried through the narrow lanes of the Old City, I was feeling frustrated and dejected at not being able to stay on top of the housecleaning.’
    • ‘Male surgeons have no difficulty maintaining much higher degrees of vigilance about contamination in an operating room than would ever be warranted in housecleaning.’
    1. 1.1The removal of unwanted or superfluous elements.
      ‘the new owner's housecleaning cost a lot of people their jobs’
      • ‘But last year, Kenyans elected a new leadership, and a major housecleaning began.’
      • ‘I sometimes wonder if the housecleaning the Church is undergoing now is precisely to prepare it for this struggle.’
      • ‘The success enjoyed during the current season can be traced to the general housecleaning initiated before, during, and after the debacle of 1999.’
      • ‘We need a massive housecleaning in Washington.’
      • ‘But you get the feeling the housecleaning is just beginning.’
      • ‘While 16 officers have been terminated since the decree kicked in, there has been no wholesale housecleaning.’
      • ‘Last week's Supreme Court decision to strike down a Texas law was not just housecleaning.’
      • ‘I lost half of it, alas - I was doing some desktop housecleaning, dragged it to the trash and deleted it without thinking.’
      • ‘Never mind the Congressional gimmick of reorganizing the INS, surely we are long past due for a housecleaning of our immigration bureaucracy, starting at the top.’
      • ‘Corporate America, of course, has already done a lot of housecleaning since the late '90s.’
      • ‘There will be a thorough housecleaning in Minnesota following this season, and it's impossible to imagine Tice not being kicked to the curb.’
      • ‘It would seem to be a housecleaning, almost even a witch hunt, going on at the CIA.’
      • ‘Booker became the national poster boy for a general black political housecleaning, one that would sweep away aging officeholders and ‘outdated’ ideas.’
      • ‘The government was reluctant to push through the sort of housecleaning that the United States went through in its recent crisis.’
      • ‘It would be great to do a thorough housecleaning of all such regimes.’
      • ‘Most new bosses do a little housecleaning.’
      • ‘For Taiwan, the challenge is to continue the financial housecleaning without spooking investors - and precipitating a banking crisis.’
      • ‘It's a question worth pondering given April's executive high jinks, corporate housecleaning and financial restatements.’
      • ‘So when I got here, it wasn't so much a matter of housecleaning as it was taking what was there, organizing it right, filling some empty chairs.’
      • ‘I've always tried to view the ninth month as a fresh start, a time for a few resolutions, a time for some housecleaning, both mental and physical.’