Definition of house organ in US English:

house organ


  • A periodical published by a company to be read by its employees and other interested parties and dealing mainly with its own activities.

    • ‘And, as the house organ for America's political class, the paper has helped push the debate in the Administration's favor.’
    • ‘So it's really important that the magazine not be allowed to become merely ‘a house organ.’’
    • ‘But this is first and foremost a magazine, not a house organ for designers.’
    • ‘But reporters like Milbank remind us of the Post's history as a particular party's house organ.’
    • ‘Now, if the airline can only match their house organ.’
    • ‘But not a word of Castro's speech was quoted, in a newspaper which serves as a virtual house organ for the Cuban president.’
    • ‘Those thoughts, among many others, have been published in the company's corporate newsletter, a cry-for-help house organ that's E-mailed to a select group on a sporadic basis.’
    • ‘They are asking an awful lot of the media, which hasn't fully completed its Orwellian transformation into an official house organ of the corporate state.’


house organ

/ˈhous ˌôrɡən/