Definition of house brand in US English:

house brand


  • 1A brand name used exclusively by a retailer (or a selected group of retailers) for a product or line of products that are typically sold for prices lower than that of comparable items with manufacturer brand names.

    • ‘Other tactics include the displacement of Smirnoff as the house brand of choice when a customer asks for vodka.’
    • ‘Diphenhydramine is found in many over-the-counter products, including house brand allergy pills.’
    • ‘I'd do this: buy a house brand wine and concentrate on varieties over quality.’
    • ‘Last year, the supermarket needed a new soft drink quickly for its house brand.’
    • ‘The company founders' descendants have collectively owned the licence to manufacturer mattresses and house brand bedding in Australia for more than 60 years.’
    1. 1.1 A product bearing a brand name used by the retailer and sold for a lower price.
      ‘don't get the expensive coffee, get the house brand’
      • ‘The brands were expensive, the basic house brands were inexpensive.’
      • ‘To cater to this sliver of society, they each introduced a house brand of healthier options.’
      • ‘We make supermarket house brands, that's our approach.’
      • ‘Beginners who know little about the drink, can try one of two house brands available by the kettle (enough for two people).’
      • ‘Premium branded milk is always higher than house brands.’
      • ‘That will not prevent it, however, from providing other house brands to other retailers, selling to the food service industry or seeking specialty or niche markets.’
      • ‘Start with a bottle of root beer - no need to splurge for the good stuff; your local supermarket's house brand will do.’
      • ‘If quality is now a given when it comes to house brands, as Barnard suggests, the next step for stores is to more aggressively develop their own products, as opposed to just putting labels in garments.’
      • ‘Our marketing helps to separate us from the wholesaler house brands.’
      • ‘How can I compare price on a house brand if I don't have that brand name to stack it up against?’
      • ‘The shop also has done well with its own house brands.’
      • ‘But last week at the store she wanted the house brand, for some reason.’
      • ‘Small companies and retailers have seen sales grow with their house brands by specialising in PCs with the newest technology, latest peripherals and distinctive looks.’
      • ‘All house brands are brewed according to the system of 1516.’
      • ‘British supermarket chains now advertise their house brands as being GMO-free.’