Definition of house-sitter in US English:



  • See house-sit

    • ‘I am fairly happy in my own company but I feel these years are as important to me as they are to him and that I have become little more than a house-sitter or caretaker to our property.’
    • ‘In some cases, if you have a pet and choose to hire a reputable pet-sitter or house-sitter, this can be your contact person.’
    • ‘A bunch of home-grown flowers makes the perfect gift for your neighbourly house-sitter, and you never know, when it's their turn to travel, they might do the same for you!’
    • ‘Her presence means he has a house-sitter during his many forays abroad, and when he is at home he enjoys her company and finds security in it.’
    • ‘I stood next to him, knowing that he'd spent the past four hours paying off a year's worth of bills, finding a house-sitter, and several other things.’