Definition of house-proud in US English:



  • Attentive to, or preoccupied with, the care and appearance of one's home.

    ‘I used to tease her about being so house-proud’
    • ‘It is a neat, house-proud little island, its economy driven as much by farming and fishing as tourism.’
    • ‘Get house-proud, beautify your environment, experiment with new colours and furnishings.’
    • ‘I am super, super house-proud and the last thing I want is mess.’
    • ‘And also, though I am house-proud and finicky, I also know when and how to delegate.’
    • ‘Auden could never have been described as house-proud, but when he arrived on October 1, even he was dismayed to find rooms filled with plaster dust, and dirty dishes piled in the bathtub.’
    • ‘And, while she remains immensely house-proud and active, now he has gone she admits she is nervous - scared of injuring herself in a way which would affect her ability to be independent.’
    • ‘That plan would affect homeowners too, of course, and so we're once again hearing the odd piece of indignant commentary from staid house-proud folks and lawn-care business operators.’
    • ‘Overall, it appears that the majority of residents in Kiltimagh are quite house-proud and take a lot of care of their own premises.’
    • ‘It is like being welcomed into the front parlour of some house-proud family.’
    • ‘Her obsessively house-proud mother had her future mapped.’
    • ‘Leather may be the obvious choice in flooring for the house-proud festishist.’
    • ‘Her wit, house-proud manner and no-nonsense attitude really capture the audience's attention.’
    • ‘If you're the house-proud type then you probably don't want to look at these pictures - they're bad, really bad.’
    • ‘She was house-proud and kept her home clean and bright.’
    • ‘Overall, Beladd was a tidy and house-proud neighbourhood.’
    • ‘I'm house-proud anyway but it has been mad rushing around making everything right for the TV cameras.’
    • ‘For house-proud environmentalists, remodeling is more than just an opportunity to go upscale.’
    • ‘If you are particularly house-proud and can't bear the thought of a dog helping to make everything untidy, then you would be better off not owning a Doberman.’
    • ‘Yet he is fiercely house-proud and is happy to receive visitors.’
    • ‘They were raised by an obsessively house-proud mother and a violent drunkard of a father.’



/ˈhaʊs ˌpraʊd//ˈhous ˌproud/