Definition of hourly in US English:



  • 1Done or occurring every hour.

    ‘there is an hourly bus service’
    • ‘An hourly service is among the improvements that Wiltshire County council has introduced on the Chippenham to Devizes bus service.’
    • ‘It estimated that at least 1,200 passengers would use the line every day if an hourly service was run on the revitalised line.’
    • ‘The Stainland bus is hourly and late trains caused us to miss it.’
    • ‘Finally, will the bus company look again at the provision of a bus service between Thornton and Halifax to replace the hourly facility which was withdrawn in October 2000?’
    • ‘But in July 1961, the building hummed with an unusual amount of activity as people came and went through its doors at hourly intervals.’
    • ‘Undaunted, the council hollowed out the plan to build a station at Haxby and run an hourly service only.’
    • ‘Others like to hire bicycles for £2.50 a day or catch the hourly buses into nearby Agde and Sete, where trains are available.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, airline policies usually do not mandate hourly beverage service in coach class.’
    • ‘While underway, their job requires a 24-hour watch and hourly checks of all equipment gauges.’
    • ‘Some of this money was used to provide an hourly service between Monks Cross, Haxby and Clifton Moor.’
    • ‘Today, there were hourly buses between Buxton and Stockport, New Mills and Piccadilly, Barrow and Piccadilly, Southport, Wigan and Piccadilly.’
    • ‘There's an hourly bus from the airport to central Antwerp; £5.50, one-way.’
    • ‘Children are invited to the hourly story hours, which begin at 10.30 am.’
    • ‘Differences in hourly morphine dose over time were analyzed by a repeated-measures analysis of variance.’
    • ‘Since most of the data were from hourly scans during daylight hours, their sum for a given day was taken as the daily integral.’
    • ‘The report states that the service will be operated by a single train offering an hourly service.’
    • ‘A total of 67 new carriages will enter the Dublin-Cork service later this year and next year, ultimately delivering an hourly service from which Portlaoise will benefit.’
    • ‘An aircraft flown by volunteers from the Sky Watch Auxiliary Air Service made an hourly search.’
    • ‘Midland Mainline was due to run an hourly fast service from December between Sheffield and Leeds as part of its timetable from London.’
    • ‘The quantity of nectar was measured on the day of flower opening at hourly intervals between 0500 and 1800 h.’
    1. 1.1 (with numeral or fraction) occurring at intervals measured in hours.
      ‘trains run at half-hourly intervals’
      ‘diamorphine was prescribed at four-hourly doses’
      • ‘According to Act 111 of 1998, inmates are entitled to three meals a day at four-and-a-half hourly intervals.’
      • ‘Guy was a strong, healthy baby, with an appetite to match, waking regularly at four hourly intervals for a fill-up.’
      • ‘We'll be broadcasting every match played in the tournament through the Multiscreen service, with details of upcoming games posted from 3.00 pm each day and running at two hourly intervals.’
      • ‘A remedy was therefore prescribed at four hourly intervals for three days - for this acute picture including nose and ear symptoms.’
      • ‘During those weeks I was expressing milk at two hourly intervals, round the clock, in a desperate attempt to keep my milk and be able to nurse her.’
      • ‘Temperature was recorded at 6 hourly intervals after initiation of arteether therapy.’
      • ‘It is sourced from and is for three days at a time, with conditions given at three hourly intervals.’
      • ‘A two hourly service to and from Dublin is envisaged for Westport and Ballina.’
      • ‘The harvested flowers provided pollen samples ranging from 0 h old, to over 72 h old, at 12 hourly age intervals.’
      • ‘Morphological changes in Vero cells were recorded at two hourly intervals twice and after overnight incubation at 37° C in a CO2 incubator.’
  • 2Reckoned hour by hour.

    ‘to introduce standard fees instead of hourly rates’
    • ‘It was agreed that this was calculated by reference to the hourly rate and the hours worked.’
    • ‘The committee will tell the Scottish Legal Aid Board that the hourly fee should increase from £43 an hour to £100.’
    • ‘The POA wanted 1.85 times the hourly pay and expressed doubts over how the service could be run by cutting overtime hours so much.’
    • ‘Industrial hourly earnings rose by 4.0% while average hours worked increased 1.8% over the year to date.’
    • ‘The starting hourly wage was less than $8 an hour, the suit said.’
    • ‘The amount of non-program matter set out in the Final Schedules for an hour must not exceed the hourly limit in Clause 5.7.’
    • ‘With gains in both hourly pay and hours worked, weekly pay in September jumped by 0.9%, the largest monthly increase in five years.’
    • ‘If you are a junior doctor you also get paid a fraction of your hourly salary when working overtime. Consultants at present do not get paid for their overtime.’
    • ‘Average hourly wind speeds ranged from 70 to 90 miles per hour.’
    • ‘The length of the average work week was unchanged at 34.1 hours and average hourly earnings rose a slim 0.1 percent to US $14.63.’
    • ‘Women work almost 10 hours less than men a week, while women's hourly earnings were only 82.5% of men's.’
    • ‘The business owner must keep records of hours worked and the hourly wage has to be rational.’
    • ‘Certainly, their biggest achievement was a six per cent wage increase over three years, an accomplishment which will raise their hourly wage to over $29 an hour.’
    • ‘Senior staff have taken a voluntary pay cut, and so have hourly employees because their hours have been reduced.’
    • ‘Under the proposed arrangements junior doctors will no longer suffer the ignominy of overtime paid at a fraction of the basic hourly rate.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, trade unions appreciated as a good sign the decision of Parliament to finally start hourly calculation of the contributory service of employees in Bulgaria.’
    • ‘The Labor Dept. made sharply higher revisions to its measure of hourly labor compensation in the fourth quarter of last year and in the first quarter of this year.’
    • ‘It was the best hourly wage in town at $5.25 an hour and the entertainment was phenomenal.’
    • ‘For workers, the value of their working time is measurable by the minimum hourly wage they would accept to work.’
    • ‘The two best measures are average hourly earnings and annual income.’


  • 1Every hour.

    ‘sunscreens should be applied hourly’
    ‘a train runs hourly from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.’
    • ‘A special event at Brockhole made the Ambleside to Brockhole service particularly popular, and services ran every half hour rather than hourly.’
    • ‘Moreover, the confusion lasting for only 48 hours might have been the result of using antiemetics in a patient who had been vomiting almost hourly for 24 hours.’
    • ‘I telephoned twice more that day, five times the following day and then hourly during working hours for ten days afterwards.’
    • ‘Ms Roberts said wildfire warnings would break into programming and be broadcast at 15 minutes past the hour - repeated hourly if necessary.’
    • ‘The little station building is still there, and tourist trains still trundle by almost hourly.’
    • ‘Research on-line indicated that weekdays trains ran hourly southbound starting at 4: 20AM from Mangonia Park.’
    • ‘Just because they broadcast it hourly, it doesn't make it true.’
    • ‘I live above the railroad tracks and delay conversations twice hourly while trains roar by.’
    • ‘We hear explosions, near and distant, almost hourly.’
    • ‘Of these, pressures were monitored hourly on 46 nights and every 2 hours or more on 49 nights.’
    • ‘I couldn't help but declare almost hourly, ‘It's a birder's paradise!’’
    • ‘He also claims to diffuse any rising panic with what seems a painful rigmarole - setting an alarm to go off hourly three hours before he is due to rise, to try to confront his nerves head - on before they grow to menacing size.’
    • ‘Service 26 now runs from Poppleton Road via Boroughbridge Road and Beckfield Lane hourly to and from Acomb and onward to Foxwood Lane and Askham Bar for York College.’
    • ‘They included 27 Category A prisoners, to be checked hourly, and one inmate on a special suicide watch.’
    • ‘The site has greater depth and frequency of data updates - equity prices are available to registered users hourly from 08.30 to 17.30.’
    • ‘Do these petty people walk around with their eyes closed or are they just too intimidated to tackle the large number of school children, students and foreign visitors who hourly throw their rubbish on our historic streets?’
    • ‘Run electric suburban trains and these locals could run hourly from Bangalore City to Whitefield.’
    • ‘Results of arterial blood gas analysis were recorded at 20 minutes and then hourly for 5 hours after lavage.’
    • ‘The north-flowing Gulf Stream collides with a tendril of the southbound Labrador Current there, creating knots and plumes of flow that change daily, even hourly.’
    • ‘BBC news bulletins will be aired hourly on the hour, from 5.00 am local time, alongside a breadth of BBC programmes.’
    1. 1.1 (with numeral or fraction) at intervals measured in hours.
      ‘temperature should be recorded four-hourly’
      • ‘Travel time is 55 minutes and they run approximately two-hourly during daytime.’
      • ‘Soil CO2 concentration (C) was measured half-hourly at four depths for 6 months in 2000 with infrared gas analyzers installed below ground.’
      • ‘The aim is to reduce the voiding frequency to 3-4 hourly.’
  • 2By the hour.

    ‘hourly paid workers’
    • ‘It caters for The European Working Time Directive and the issues this holds for Irish employers both in terms of hourly paid and salaried employees.’
    • ‘In factories, piece workers often rank higher than their hourly paid counterparts even though their basic conditions of service are identical.’
    • ‘The energy group is trying to force a massive pay cut on 120 North Sea oil workers by paying them hourly instead of monthly.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, poor workers, who tend to work hourly, are losing salary that they can ill-afford.’
    • ‘Households fared better than individual, hourly paid workers during the 1980-1996 period.’
    • ‘Institutions have not found a way, or perhaps have not been willing, to compensate faculty paid hourly for the unpaid hours they spend in contact with students outside of class.’
  • 3Frequently; continually.

    ‘her curiosity was mounting hourly’
    • ‘Never before I have I been such an irresponsible adult, clogging my arteries hourly with enough carbohydrate voltage to power the western United States.’
    • ‘The Florida totals are absolutely liquid, with the ebbs and flows of majorities, small as they are, changing hourly.’
    • ‘The American public is being presented with an evangelical civics lesson, not only daily but hourly.’
    • ‘They come from the city centre, through the hourly more-expensive Sandringham, up to the Mt Albert Rd lights and down into the immediately different Mt Roskill.’
    • ‘The pressures on him daily, sometimes hourly, are immense.’