Definition of hound's-tongue in US English:



  • A tall plant of the borage family that has a mousy smell and bears long silky hairs, small purplish flowers, and tongue-shaped leaves.

    Cynoglossum officinale, family Boraginaceae

    • ‘The large nutrient reserves in seeds of hound's tongue allow rapid seedling root growth.’
    • ‘Hound's Tongue is so named because of its broadly oval leaves which apparently look like hound's tongues.’
    • ‘Great hound's tongue may be found from southern British Columbia south to San Luis Obispo and Tulare counties, Californa.’
    • ‘In case you are not familiar with hound's tongue, please get familiar with it and watch for large populations.’
    • ‘Like blue hound's tongue, this plant has burrs that attach to cattle, causing irritation.’