Definition of hotlink in US English:



  • 1A connection between documents or applications which enables material from one source to be incorporated into another, in particular a facility which automatically updates material in a document when an alteration is made to the document from which it originated.

    • ‘So far at least ten webmasters have hot links successfully enabled on their web pages.’
    • ‘A wizard leads users through the steps required to upload images on a Web site and add GIS functionality such as zooms, pans and hot links.’
    • ‘If the Super Bowl ads aren't doing the job, neither will banner ads or hot links off of a portal.’
    • ‘Participants will be charged a flat, annual ‘space’ fee of $2,500 that includes hot links and keyword search capabilities.’
    • ‘Officials said the hot link would also be helpful in the exchange of information about pollution incidents, search and rescue, and pollution controls.’
    1. 1.1 A hypertext link.
      • ‘The Edition 3 instructions are values based rather than process driven and written with minimum reliance on rules and red tape in simplified language and with direct hot links to information.’
      • ‘Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, and go peruse my portal if you need a fix of hot links.’
      • ‘Perhaps it's becoming more about portals than Pontiacs, hot links than Lincolns.’
      • ‘We will have a hot link to their site so that soon anyone signing on can order on the spot and we will have the exclusive contract to deliver to the home.’
      • ‘Users can click on a hot link to a summary and find plants suitable to their location or find trial site locations and cooperators' names and e-mail addresses.’
      • ‘They didn't include my footnotes (where I referred to Internet-accessible sources), so I've put them into my own version as hot links.’
      • ‘Over 3,000 vendor listings in 270 categories, such as drying and dehumidification of paper and microfilm records, are featured, along with hot links to vendor Web sites.’
      • ‘There's also tighter integration: for example, you can highlight hot links in mail messages to launch the browser.’
      • ‘And you just go to the main page as well, and there are some hot links to it if you like.’
      • ‘The alert comes in with the name of the author, the blog, the first few lines of the content and a hot link to the source.’
      • ‘It offers fare comparisons, terms and conditions, and hot links to airlines' Web pages.’


[with object]Computing
  • Connect (two documents) by means of a hotlink.

    • ‘The World Atlas included in the package has maps hot-linked to the articles, with over 21,000 images.’
    • ‘If your website won't allow that, fair enough, then just hot-link.’
    • ‘If you hot-link to my site then a lot of the images will no longer load.’
    • ‘Sutherland says that information produced by teams was hot-linked to the other models, so that the entire 3D database was coordinated in dimensional and locational attributes.’
    • ‘A massively revised list, with approximately 70 hot-linked entries, is now available here.’
    • ‘How long before keywords in messages are hot-linked to sponsored sites?’
    • ‘They don't want any direct reproduction of or ‘hot-linking’ to the pictures there, so I won't.’