Definition of hoteling in US English:



  • 1The short-term provision of office space to a temporary worker.

    • ‘Hoteling is not practical for many types of employees, especially those who require access to lots of resources.’
    • ‘It has created 11 hoteling "neighborhoods" that are compatible to different tasks.’
    1. 1.1 The short-term letting of surplus office space to employees from other companies.
      • ‘Since those employees spent most of their time away from the office, Sun revamped the space to allow for hoteling.’
      • ‘Within the last few years, as technology has allowed workers to become more mobile, hoteling has gained in popularity.’
      • ‘In addition, an automated reservation system was implemented to provide hoteling.’
      • ‘The appearance of hoteling stations also has become more sophisticated.’
      • ‘There will be some new opportunities around wireless and mobility, with hoteling and those sorts of things.’
      • ‘Hoteling allows managers to make effective use of corporate real estate when workers spend limited time in the office.’
      • ‘Sprint Nextel also is in the process of converting traditional work spaces into hoteling spaces within its 180 U. S. branches.’
      • ‘Mr. Hansen's daily routine is similar to that of most hoteling workers, the majority of whom telecommute.’
      • ‘The firm decided a hoteling program was a logical solution to reduce high real estate costs.’