Definition of hotchpotch in English:



  • 1

    variant of hodgepodge
    • ‘There is much literal and figurative heavy breathing - not least on the part of language sweatily straining to be poetic - but the play's world, instead of floating, collapses into hodgepodge.’
    • ‘My schedule for my sophomore year at Columbia was a strange, strange hodgepodge of classes.’
    • ‘This political hodgepodge didn't bother screen-writer Axelrod or director Frankenheimer in 1962, and why should it have?’
    • ‘The result was an aesthetic and thematic hodgepodge that demanded correction.’
    • ‘One advantage to this hodgepodge of diversity is that several of the articles, particularly those with economics as a sub-theme, stand out in positive contrast.’
    • ‘The whole affair turned out to be a lively but often frustrating musical hodgepodge.’
    • ‘Naturally, investors don't process this hodgepodge of inputs according to some set of explicit, easily transcribed rules.’
    • ‘The city's hodgepodge of Victorian follies, French neoclassical palaces, and modest wooden chalets clinging precariously to the hillsides is literally falling apart.’
    • ‘Throughout this hodgepodge of overinterpretation, art suffered.’
    • ‘Farrell recently sat down over coffee with correspondent Michael Arndt and mused on this hodgepodge of products.’
    • ‘Getting that hodgepodge of mismatched home electronics out of sight, together with their ugly cable cords, will make your room a more tranquil place for relaxation and recuperation.’
    • ‘Instead, we're left with a lazy, vacuous hodgepodge that throws all the book's promise in the garbage, leaving an unmitigated disaster in its wake.’
    • ‘This is a decent, if muddled, hodgepodge of moments from Bowling for Columbine's history.’
    • ‘This ‘social software’ business seems to be one of those ill-understood hodgepodges that mean anything that the speakers variously want it to mean.’
    • ‘Houston's sprawling hodgepodge of neighborhoods and commercial strips, its lack of a zoning code and its intermittent forays into planning are at once repulsive and fascinating to students of urban design.’
    • ‘Instead, readers encounter a seemingly random hodgepodge of successive fragments of information.’
    • ‘The goal: to replace today's overlapping hodgepodge of approaches with something that's easier and cheaper to use - and that might gain traction with more companies.’
    • ‘In the early days of the Net, online advertising was merely a crude - almost laughable - hodgepodge of text links and startlingly simple images.’
    • ‘This silly hodgepodge of a movie was made by Universal as a follow-up to The Black Cat, because the previous film was their top earner that year.’
    • ‘But thanks to Edward Davee's experimental hodgepodge of images and ideas, the crow has never looked this enigmatic.’
  • 2A mutton stew with mixed vegetables.

    • ‘Lunenburg puddin’ and hodgepodge, the way we do it, you really can't find it anywhere else.’
    • ‘To call the Scottish legislative programme a hotchpotch is an insult to stews.’


Late Middle English: variant of hotchpot.