Definition of hot take in US English:

hot take


  • A piece of commentary, typically produced quickly in response to a recent event, whose primary purpose is to attract attention.

    ‘his hot take on the latest column’
    ‘a sports news cycle that continually churns out stats, scores, and hot takes’
    ‘her hot take on the issue immediately polarized her sizable social media following’
    • ‘The reason everyone has a hot take on this policy is that it does not work.’
    • ‘I'm sure this is a hot take but maybe he is just really good.’
    • ‘I'm going to offer a hot take on this move: it was probably correct.’
    • ‘On days like today, news and rumors and reaction and hot takes move so quickly and change so fast it's hard to jump in with any relevant commentary.’
    • ‘This is a hard topic to tackle with a hot take, because it implies that I'm not grateful for the outpouring of love and support that came our way.’
    • ‘This ambitious young artist has the attention of the industry, winning over listeners with her contagious charisma and hot take on pop music.’
    • ‘There have been hot takes written on the subject all over the place.’
    • ‘I fired off some hot takes in the stands, as did large numbers of the people around me.’
    • ‘Leading up to the company's fall event, hot takes from investors, pundits, and analysts were mixed.’
    • ‘I've read more hot takes on it than any other album before.’
    • ‘Call this a hot take if you want, but the numbers are undeniable.’
    • ‘This isn't the first time he has chimed in with a blazing hot take.’
    • ‘This has set off a firestorm of opinions and hot takes from around the league and around the country.’