Definition of hot button in US English:

hot button


often as modifier hot-button
North American
  • A topic or issue that is highly charged emotionally or politically.

    ‘the hot-button issue of nuclear waste disposal’
    • ‘How will campaign finance reform and other hot button issues impact the fight for control of the House and Senate next year?’
    • ‘When a law and order former prosecutor and a crusading civil rights defense attorney team up on a hot button issue - you know it's an idea whose time has come.’
    • ‘People don't think that politics can be absolutely hilarious, and getting involved politically doesn't have to be about arguing about hot button issues.’
    • ‘In 1968, Richard Nixon fine-tuned the strategy, picked the hot button issues of bussing, and quotas, adopted the policy of benign neglect and subtly stoked white racial fears.’
    • ‘Also widely held is the notion that religion played a great part in what these moral issues were, i.e. gay marriage, abortion, and various other hot button issues.’
    • ‘Crime is the hot button issue of modern politics, generating more heat than any other topic.’
    • ‘A revolution that was settled, scientifically, over a century ago, is still a hot button issue in the United States.’
    • ‘Everyone pretty much knows that the looming fight over judges is actually a fight over the right to abortion, affirmative action, and a few other hot button issues.’
    • ‘And illegal immigrants in America, it's a hot button election issue, but what it's like for the people caught between the two countries?’
    • ‘What does this mean when it comes to hot button issues like decency, the Internet over electrical lines and, of course, deregulation of media companies?’
    • ‘The economy was one of several hot button issues during the campaign.’
    • ‘Even on the hot button issue of crime, the Democrats managed to pull even in the last decade.’
    • ‘By far the hottest of the hot button issues addressed at the conference are border control and immigration.’
    • ‘It's a hot button issue and just about everyone has a strong opinion.’
    • ‘This is particularly timely - I think that too many hot button issues are framed in moral terms when dealing with them practically begs for a more detached approach.’
    • ‘Gay marriage, it was one of the hot button issues in the presidential election.’
    • ‘Edwards has also refused to wink in regard to the hot button issue of affirmative action.’
    • ‘For years judges have been dancing around hot button issues in their confirmation hearings.’
    • ‘King had a knack for finding San Francisco's hot button issues and weaving them together to depict the city as being in grave danger from vice and political corruption.’
    • ‘It's just one hot button topic the nominee can expect to be grilled about when he fronts the Senate's Judiciary Committee.’


hot button