Definition of hot-water bottle in English:

hot-water bottle

(also hot-water bag)


  • A flat, oblong container, typically made of rubber, that is filled with hot water and used for warmth.

    • ‘We're warm now, and hot-water bottles are no more.’
    • ‘Exhausted by my travels, and comforted by a hot-water bottle found unexpectedly in my bed, I have overslept.’
    • ‘Early in 1929, Dorothy accidentally burned Jane with a hot-water bottle.’
    • ‘From time to time, someone would bring me a hot-water bottle.’
    • ‘Use a hot-water bottle, or warm a sock filled with grain or flaxseed heated to a comfortably warm temperature in the microwave or oven.’


hot-water bottle

/ˌhɑt ˈwɔdər ˌbɑdl/