Definition of hot-swap in US English:



[with object]informal
  • Fit or replace (a computer part) with the power still connected.

    • ‘The servers also have six hot-swap PCI-X slots, a service processor, redundant cooling and eight hot-swap disk bays.’
    • ‘Its software allows hot-swapping of interface cards.’
    • ‘This distribution is aimed at telecommunications applications that require very high amounts of uptime; it includes hot-swap capability and is available for the i386 and PowerPC architectures.’
    • ‘Another key issue for SATA drives is hot-swapping.’
    • ‘There are reliability questions, he said, and some drives do not support hot-swapping.’
    • ‘Both recognized the PS / 2 mouse and keyboard, even though they had been hot-swapped.’
    • ‘A disk failure is now an afterthought, with customer-serviceable hot-swap disk drives, global hot spares, and algorithms to predict when a disk is going to fail before it actually fails so that it can be replaced ahead of time.’
    • ‘They also offer failover mechanisms, such as redundant hot-swap robotics, power supplies and drives.’
    • ‘The Evo D500 line also features a MultiBay for hot-swapping removable storage devices such as floppy disk, CD-ROM, CD-RW or DVD drives.’
    • ‘Hard disks and fans can be hot-swapped, but in-place memory and chip upgrades aren't possible.’