Definition of hostelry in US English:



archaic, humorous
  • An inn.

    • ‘The Kingsdown-based family business is providing the ale at its hostelries across Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire.’
    • ‘But Maguire's pub of Manorhamilton in neighbouring County Leitrim has all the trappings of a truly historic and hospitable hostelry.’
    • ‘The ad was made in Iceland and also features the West Kerry hostelry, where the great man once pulled pints for the locals in Annascaul.’
    • ‘Tourism websites show its tranquil streets, its attractive grey stone kirk and its inviting hostelry, The Torphichen Inn.’
    • ‘Skipper Mike Rowley loosed moorings that night, after his guests had had a pleasant evening in the local hostelry, and set off to cross one of the world's busiest shipping channels in total darkness.’
    • ‘Rosses Point was overflowing on Friday night last as supporters of St. Valentine thronged to the local restaurants, inns and hostelries to celebrate February 14.’
    • ‘Being born in a pub, and not unknown to frequent his local hostelry for a shandy or two, Pembrokeshire author Keith Johnson is eminently qualified to be the author of his latest volume on county watering-holes.’
    • ‘They claimed that customers of the busy Main Street hostelry were blighting their neighbourhood with noise, nuisance, litter and vandalism.’
    • ‘Sheila has worked in Rosie's for a good many years and is well known to many Irish folk who frequent this popular and long established hostelry in the city.’
    • ‘Business has been thriving at the popular Robertstown hostelry since the new owners took over last year.’
    • ‘Throughout the 20th century the George Inn was a popular hostelry on the edge of the town centre and for many years was a tenanted house belonging to Blackburn brewers Thwaites.’
    • ‘John and Bernie Gill celebrate three years in business in their popular Clare Street hostelry - Gill's - tonight, Tuesday, 29th July.’
    • ‘When I finish work and head off for a margarita at some Santa Cruz hostelry, I don't want to have people who recognize me shouting ‘Pedant!’’
    • ‘The Old Bell Hotel, a beautiful hostelry in the heart of the town near to the abbey, serves award-winning French cuisine.’
    • ‘In their now famous hostelry, Mary and John made a major contribution to the development of Rosses Point as a centre of excellence in the leisure industry, both locally and internationally.’
    • ‘Who would have thought that Ireland - known for its myriad of pubs and hostelries - would become the first country in Europe to introduce a total ban on smoking in places of entertainment?’
    • ‘Tess has been a mainstay behind the counter at the popular High Street hostelry since the early 1960s.’
    • ‘The Lunch Group is to try out a local hostelry at the end of the month and our usual groups for Scrabble, knit-and-natter and the play reading will take place this month.’
    • ‘Ten minutes later we were settled in at a local hostelry.’
    • ‘Here, the Rendezvous Allegra Hotel offers stylish and cleverly designed accommodation redolent of a self-confident New York hostelry.’
    • ‘The BBC had put me up in a four star hostelry, gym and mini-bar inclusive (bless you, unwitting licence payers!’
    • ‘Afterwards we retired to Garvey's hostelry where we raised a glass in memory of a departed friend.’
    • ‘The popular Ballyhaunis hostelry opened on 19th Dec.1927 under the management of the late Michael Curley, a native of Caraun, Claremorris.’
    • ‘After the hectic month that is December, Jane - ‘the wife’ - and my two girls-Charlotte and April will be hoping to get a day out followed by a meal in some suitable hostelry.’
    • ‘Saturday, I was in town and decided to pop into the same conveniently-located hostelry on the way home for a refreshing gargle of the black stuff - as you do.’
    • ‘The well-known Westport hostelry was packed to capacity long before the tape carrying the much-anticipated footage was delivered and many of the stars of the ad were in attendance.’
    • ‘The popular Littletown hostelry The Travellers Rest is up for sale again.’
    • ‘I set out towards the local hostelry for a restorative.’
    • ‘For some twenty-seven years now this bottle has adorned the counter in Curley's Public House and has been filled with loose change and other donations from patrons and staff of the popular Clare Street hostelry.’
    • ‘Police were called to the Three Cups pub in Malmesbury after mayor elect Patrick Goldstone was barred indefinitely from the hostelry in the Triangle.’
    • ‘Local hostelries offering liquid and solid refreshment include the Inverkip Hotel and Village Inn in Inverkip; and the Wemyss Bay Hotel, Wemyss Bay.’
    • ‘This Saturday night, the Thirteenth Park Hotel Supreme Sports Star Award will be decided at a Gala Banquet in the famed Dungarvan hostelry in front of an expected crowd of three hundred and fifty guests.’
    • ‘It was all too soon that we started our journey home although we did stop off at a local hostelry to celebrate our successful weekend.’
    • ‘The Prince of Wales came to the rescue of village life yesterday when he called in for a pint and a whisky chaser at a hostelry in the Yorkshire Dales.’
    • ‘Statistics compiled by CAMRA show that more than one quarter of adults never visit a pub and 20 hostelries a month close around the country.’
    • ‘But yesterday the popular pubgoer was smiling after his local hostelry served him and his friends a special Christmas lunch with all the trimmings.’
    • ‘The June festival, he tells us, ‘has been a major talking point in our local hostelry for some time, and all of it is negative’.’
    • ‘The Departure had played only a scattering of gigs in local hostelries before being catapulted onto festival stages in 2004.’
    • ‘It was in the Stables, which is our local hostelry.’
    • ‘The Tip Top House is believed to be the oldest mountain-top hostelry still in existence in the world.’


Late Middle English: from Old French hostelerie from hostelier ‘innkeeper’, from hostel (see hostel).