Definition of hospitalization in US English:


(British hospitalisation)


  • Admission to hospital for treatment.

    ‘serious cases involving liver damage may require hospitalization’
    • ‘He had many acute episodes of his illness requiring hospitalisation.’
    • ‘Fractures of the hip and spine frequently require hospitalization and surgery, and can result in permanent disability.’
    • ‘The physician recommended hospitalization for her safety.’
    • ‘She suffered a heart attack and a blood infection, which necessitated hospitalization on seven occasions.’
    • ‘His work revealed how a failing heart causes severe breathlessness, impairs quality of life, and leads to frequent hospitalisation.’
    • ‘Anxiety can be detrimental to physical and emotional recovery, can prolong hospitalization, and can contribute to poor treatment outcomes.’
    • ‘Hospitalization is recommended if patients show signs of significant inflammation.’
    • ‘He developed multiple infections, including an upper respiratory infection that required hospitalization.’
    • ‘A doctor may recommend hospitalization for the initial evaluation and treatment of TB.’
    • ‘Many now encourage healthy children 6 to 23 months old to be vaccinated as they are at a heightened risk of hospitalization from flu-related complications.’