Definition of hospitalist in English:



  • A dedicated in-patient physician who works exclusively in a hospital.

    • ‘I think it will be a long time before I give in to that hospitalist temptation.’
    • ‘The hospitalist movement has appeared under the shadow of managed care.’
    • ‘This rapid communication provides a valuable and timely link for office follow-up and helps provide the necessary communication between hospitalists or subspecialists and primary care physicians.’
    • ‘Truly mobile workers with no offices or desks, hospitalists use personal digital assistants to capture patient demographics, diagnoses, procedures, and more, while conducting their rounds.’
    • ‘Referred to as hospitalists, these physicians care for patients only during hospitalization.’
    • ‘The hospitalist medical director oversaw the nurse practitioners and the attending physicians in the intervention group, wrote the disease-specific pathways, and assembled and orchestrated the daily multidisciplinary team.’
    • ‘Perhaps more physician manpower can be recruited from hospitalists.’
    • ‘Despite the decline of gatekeeping arrangements and the emergence of hospitalists and disease management programmes, US primary care physicians do not seem to be unduly concerned about their changing work roles.’
    • ‘‘Our findings may apply to other types of surgical procedures as well,’ says Daniel Brotman, M.D., the lead author of the paper and director of the hospitalist program at Johns Hopkins Hospital.’
    • ‘The hospitalist covering the patient overnight looked at a clock and read the time out loud, quietly.’
    • ‘The framework enables acute care nurse practitioners to provide inpatient medical management in collaboration with a hospitalist.’
    • ‘The hospital recently hired Dr. Omer Choudhri as a hospitalist to be responsible for ‘orphan patients’ while they are being treated there.’
    • ‘A third change has been the move to the hospitalist and intensivist model of care.’
    • ‘Sharon H. Flynn, M.D., is a hospitalist at the Oregon Medical Group / Hospital Service, Eugene, Ore., and has a special interest in sports medicine.’
    • ‘In some institutions, hospitalists are well positioned to provide the early critical care to patients before they reach the ICU.’
    • ‘The hospitalist and general surgeon concluded that her pain was likely psychogenic, because the results of the computed tomographic scans and laboratory tests were normal.’
    • ‘But there are hospitalists all over the country.’
    • ‘The ER and hospital are covered off hours, holidays, and weekends, by the ER doctors, the radiologists, and the hospitalists.’
    • ‘But here, after taking a long look at our egos, the best path would appear to be to stick with the hospitalists.’
    • ‘While I do not generally make patient rounds, a colleague who functions as a hospitalist attends to the patient.’