Definition of hospitably in US English:



  • See hospitable

    • ‘They were generally treated more hospitably by non-Christians than in the Christian world, where the dominant Catholic Church actively promoted anti-Semitism.’
    • ‘We were very hospitably received by our Hutu neighbors there.’
    • ‘As Robert Louis Stevenson put it after spending a night under some pine trees in the hills of the Cevennes in southern France: ‘I had been most hospitably received and punctually served in my green caravanserai.’’
    • ‘Despite my dubious claims that I was writing an article for a publication which may or may not have existed as far as the iguana owners were concerned, they hospitably allowed me to trespass all over their property.’
    • ‘The Museum staff looked after the Chiswick group very generously and hospitably, discussing these painful issues in some detail, providing guided tours during their stay and an interpreter for the afternoon of the event.’