Definition of hosanna in US English:


(also hosannah)


  • (especially in biblical, Judaic, and Christian use) used to express adoration, praise, or joy.

    ‘“Hosanna, blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.“’
    • ‘I'd parked on Beacon Hill, on the edge, so it gave us a little evening walk - always nice - and then we found the car - found no ticket - hosannah!’


  • An expression of adoration, praise, or joy.

    • ‘Leaders of several political parties are scheduled to visit Virudhunagar during the course of the next 12 months to sing hosannas to the former Chief Minister.’
    • ‘Skipper John Smit added to the hosannas by alluding to Montgomery's positive influence on younger players and his insights into the individual quirks of Welsh players.’
    • ‘After being taken aback by the shoddy reception the superstar gets when he returns to his hometown after being on the receiving end of all sorts of hosannas on the road, his disciples get a little miffed.’
    • ‘I also thought the critical hosannas to My Life Without Me were undeserved.’
    • ‘When the English-language version of The Skeptical Environmentalist, Bjorn Lomborg's rosy prognosis on the state of the earth's ecosystems, was published last September, the media sounded hosannas.’
    • ‘In this pericope there is no donkey colt, no crowd of pilgrims shouting praises, no waving of palm branches, no hosannas.’
    • ‘The critical hosannas were somewhat tempered by the news that he had smashed one journalist's Dictaphone in a fit of pique and excused himself from another interview by locking himself in a toilet for two hours.’
    • ‘Amid all the election-year hosannas to the federal budget surplus, there has been almost no discussion of the trade deficit, which would quickly become an insupportable burden if foreign investors began to flee the US market.’
    • ‘But these hyperbolic hosannas are, unfortunately, no substitute for a rebirth of modern political leadership, which, in fact, continues to wither on the vine.’
    • ‘But you won't hear a peep about it amid the hosannas of her waiting hagiographers.’
    • ‘This would be the brother whose birth as a male in the family led to shouted hosannas followed by years of assurance that both his surname and his gender conveyed upon him automatic brilliance and charm.’
    • ‘Imelda Staunton is a fine actress and will no doubt fill her trophy case due to a performance built for sympathetic hosannas.’
    • ‘They sing of the profundity of affliction and of the complexity of God's ultimate grace, and they offer wild and glorious hosannas in such a way that testifies to the hope offered by God's infinite love.’
    • ‘Yet hosannas ring and palm branches herald his coming.’
    • ‘In 2008, if real estate and stock prices are higher than they are today I doubt if we will hear any hosannas from New York Times columnists regarding the economic policies of the Republican administration.’
    • ‘The meetings conclude with hosannas and hails and huzzahs to Strauss.’
    • ‘I'm bowled over by a Pentecostal preacher who is honest to the extent that I, an avowed agnostic, am prepared to sing hosannas to him.’
    • ‘They shouted hosannas and waved palm branches as Jesus the hoped-for warrior king, the overthrower of Rome, the savior of the world - rode in on a donkey.’
    • ‘The film's hosannas to the UN most clearly establish the politics of the filmmakers and Hollywood liberalism in general.’
    • ‘In a country that valued wisdom and symbolic thinking, these two books would have been met with hosannas from coast to coast.’
    shout of praise, alleluia, hurrah, hurray, cheer, paean, glorification
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Old English, via late Latin from Greek hōsanna, from Rabbinical Hebrew hōša‘nā, abbreviation of biblical hōšī‘ā-nnā ‘save, we pray’ (Ps. 118:25).