Definition of hortative in US English:



  • See hortatory

    • ‘The simplified illustrations of the corpses in the Dainenbutsuji version even seem to laugh rather than howl in death, perhaps out of an intention to deliver the subject of the decaying corpse in a less hortative manner.’
    • ‘Given the hortative intent of this paper, there is not the opportunity to provide a detailed rendition of accountings during the Irish famine.’
    • ‘The anonymous yet commanding voice of the David-like poet then reappears and neatly concludes the poem with its final hortative: ‘With Circes let them dwell that thinke not so.’’
    • ‘Its hortative function barely survives outside of a few locutions, but ‘God bless… ‘is one of those.’’
    • ‘The scriptures of Semitic inspiration are hortative, admonitory; they urge, they reprove, they enjoin, they warn.’