Definition of hortation in US English:



  • See hortatory

    • ‘But, despite Edward Steichen's hortation that the goal of photography is to explain man to his fellow man, the fact is that photographs suggest much but explain very little.’
    • ‘And your basis for such a hortation would be what exactly?’
    • ‘An eighth-grade English textbook published in Bucharest in 1978 begins with an inspiring hortation from President Nicolae Ceausescu.’
    • ‘One promising aspect of international law, by contrast, is that it is much more normative than conventional municipal legal systems, and more subject to hortations of commentators, who are more free to insert common sense moral intuitions.’
    • ‘And in any event, whether he is successful strategically, is wholly irrelevant and has nothing to do with your hortation to avoid ‘blanket judgments.’’