Definition of horsey in US English:


(also horsy)


  • 1Of or resembling a horse.

    ‘wide eyes and big, horsey teeth’
    • ‘Illequis buried her face in his neck and drank in his horsy smell.’
    • ‘The horsy woman behind us jars our contemplation with another braying laugh.’
    • ‘His ‘lady friend’ is skinny and kinda horsey: he had a crush on her for about six years prior to us going out.’
    • ‘Albit smiled a sort of horsy smile, and retrieved the meat from the fire by grabbing the stick from Felicity's hand with his teeth.’
    • ‘He feels his horsey, ruined teeth are betrayed by his grin.’
    • ‘Giving a proper horsy sigh, Fuenar stamped his foot in impatience.’
    • ‘Smelling horsy and looking a bit grubby doesn't stop me from touring the vineyards on the way home, Babich, Nobilos, Coopers Creek and Collards to name a few, or having lunch at one of the many top restaurants that have grown up next to them.’
    • ‘The warden was a tall, square woman with broad shoulders and a horsey face.’
    • ‘‘Broadway Danny Ricks,’ his wife announced, revealing a horsy set of uppers yellowed by nicotine.’
    • ‘I took her muzzle in my hand and kissed her, breathing in that horsey smell.’
    • ‘Aside from your horsey, toothless grin, your plain ugly mug, and your bald head, you're actually a decent-looking guy.’
    • ‘He's using all his techniques to try to engage this slightly horsey gorgeous girl but she is steadfastly refusing to acknowledge him.’
    • ‘She's a little horsy in the way she walks and carries herself.’
  • 2Concerned with or devoted to horses or horse racing.

    ‘the horsey fraternity’
    • ‘The Bridleway - a horsy Pennine Way - will, when it is completed, stretch 350 miles from Middleton Top in Derbyshire, through Lancashire, the Yorkshire Dales and Cumbria, to Northumberland.’
    • ‘And his lead will be followed by others, with another four horsey movies already planned over the coming months.’
    • ‘The term ‘lads’ is a horsy term that is used mainly among the horsy fraternity.’
    • ‘At Hermes, Gaultier moved away from the horsy theme of his first collection, concentrating on scarf prints and on sweet organza blouses in toile prints worn with jeans and armfuls of bangles.’
    • ‘As I mentioned briefly last week, I met up with a Patrick Curran, a horsey man who runs, along with his wife, Helena the Capall Dubh bed and breakfast establishment in Green Street, Daingean.’
    • ‘And the favouritism that he shows to the Kildare horsy set is now so transparent that it has become the butt of jokes.’
    • ‘Some of them have an animal, although not necessarily a horsey, theme and the display on the large dresser certainly gives the shop a charming, quaint feel.’
    • ‘He was a tall, silver-haired, honey-voiced criminal lawyer who drove a Mercedes, lived in a big house in a horsy Nairobi suburb, and sent his children abroad to college.’
    • ‘Firstly you must try to speak to local horsy people, they often have a good knowledge of the schools in the area and will tell you which ones are good and which ones to avoid.’
    • ‘Marriage came in 1995 after they rekindled a long-term, informal friendship, forged in the horsey world through which both strode, he as a jockey, she in the three-day eventing arena.’
    • ‘She has rubbed shoulders with some very well known people from the horsy world - people like Pat Eddery and Kieran Fallon.’
    • ‘A well-known man in Listowel horsy circles, Paddy wore a beige birdseye check jacket with matching tan trousers and a pale blue shirt with tan suede shoes.’
    • ‘It provides various horsy excursions around the area.’
    • ‘Rover 4x4s may no longer be the choice of aid agencies and oil prospectors, but the Freelander successfully avoids the stuffy and slightly horsy image while promising off-road possibilities.’
    • ‘More horsey activity for me yesterday as I attended the launch of the 2005 Irish National Hunt Festival in the gorgeous Guinness Storehouse.’
    • ‘Years ago, when I covered the world of the well-heeled horsey set, I would on occasion visit such ‘farms.’’
    • ‘I thought all the rest of it was silly but a lot of my horsy friends spent good money to take courses in this procedure and get licensed to teach it to others.’
    • ‘He must be a very good liar, he's not horsy at all and all these letters kept coming for him from the British Horse Society.’
    • ‘Apparently, concerns over whether there will be enough conveniences for the horsey set dominated discussions at this week's Micklegate ward committee meeting.’
    • ‘I have never been much of a horsy person though I admit that I enjoyed Black Beauty and once wanted a pony for my birthday.’