Definition of horsehide in English:



  • 1The skin of a horse.

    • ‘The survivors built boats out of horsehides and drifted across the mouth of Mobile Bay on their way to the Texas coast where the last of them would eventually wreck.’
    • ‘Rusty turned out to be a personable fellow who loved to work horsehide into trusty tools to tote handguns.’
    • ‘Honestly, if you gave this kid a pistol and told him not to shoot this stallion, within ten seconds you'd have one horsehide riddled with bullet holes.’
    1. 1.1Leather made from the skin of a horse.
      • ‘Neither will I chew tanned horsehide until it becomes soft and pliable for the shoes of a desert scavenger!’
      • ‘What sets this rig apart from lesser designs is the rock-solid fit and precise boning that comes from Kramer's use of horsehide.’
      • ‘Some swear the best medium is horsehide for its fiber density.’
      • ‘Made from tough, rigid horsehide, this is a very fine piece of gear.’
      • ‘I ordered my VM - 2 in black horsehide (no additional cost over conventional cow) with black pants clips to match pleated Docker slacks.’
      • ‘Contestants fists were wrapped in thick horsehide for maximum impact with minimum knuckle damage.’
      • ‘The only change in materials for the ball has been a switch from a horsehide cover to cowhide in 1974 because of a shortage of quality horsehide.’
      • ‘It's also worth speculating on whether horses consent to be ridden, rendered for horsehide / glue or, indeed, eaten.’
      • ‘These include Kramer Holsters, whose main line is made from horsehide, and Mitch Rosen's Express.’
      • ‘This holster is constructed of premium shell horsehide and holds the weapon close to the body.’
      • ‘Begrudgingly, Rosen offers horsehide to ‘those who have been successfully advertised to.’’
      • ‘Yang Maoyuan commanded attention more quietly - with an enormous ball covered in horsehide and sporting a horse head and tail, and two smaller but equally bloated blue-dyed sheep turning on pedestals.’
      • ‘Gallagher constructs all of his holsters from horsehide, not the typical cowhide.’
      • ‘It's easy to color, virtually as long-lasting as horsehide - I know of plenty of 50-year-old cowhide holsters still serviceable - but soaks up water like a sponge if unfinished.’
      • ‘Another badge appears on the front of his horsehide fire-cap.’
      • ‘While Matt normally sticks with cowhide, horsehide, elephant, shark, and French waxed calf, he also enjoys using contrasting materials and textures in his rigs.’
      • ‘They were kind enough to send me a box of handy, test-size virgin pieces of horsehide and cowhide, as they came from the tanner.’
      • ‘Tony's folks will use cowhide or horsehide, your choice.’
      • ‘We all had our concerns as to whether the horsehide could be carved, but as you can see.’
      • ‘Crafted from soft, unmolded, undyed horsehide that faces away from the body, and plush natural sheep's wool that faces against, it provides exceptional all-day comfort.’
  • 2informal A baseball.

    • ‘This would no longer be the case if James (now a consultant for the Red Sox) could be convinced to turn his attention away from the horsehide sphere for awhile and produce a new magnum opus, the Bill James Political Abstract.’
    • ‘But with the football season winding to a close, fantasy owners' minds have started turning from the gridiron to the diamond, from the pigskin to the horsehide.’
    • ‘He walked toward the mound where once Babe Ruth pitched, where Bill Lee ordered the horsehide to stay inside the yard, where Pedro Martinez stuffed the Wild Bull of the Bronx, Don Zimmer.’