Definition of horse sense in US English:

horse sense


  • Common sense.

    • ‘One of these years, the Groundhog Day spell which dooms the Red Sox to find new ways to implode will be lifted (here's a hint: it will involve a manager with the horse sense to back six innings of Pedro with three of Keith Foulke).’
    • ‘This horse sense immediately evaporated into thin air.’
    • ‘I'll bet even Lott would have had the horse sense not to do something as stupid as post an unpredictable online poll at his website.’
    • ‘The decision to vote for him seemed wrapped up in the age-old city vs. rural dichotomy, change vs. tradition, theory vs. horse sense, new vs. familiar.’
    • ‘In ‘Poetry and Religion,’ Jarman argues that ‘Dickinson offers, with true American horse sense, the preferability of a deceptive hope, a fool's errand, to none at all, for it is that which gives illumination.’’
    • ‘A vast majority of the people who write in for advice lack the common sense God gave most people, it's amusing, but it's also good that there's someone with a lot of horse sense available for the wisdom-challenged.’
    • ‘Frisky, energetic Archers are born to run, so this year's fast moving track could see you on a winning streak - but only if you use that Sagittarian horse sense to pace life at a steady gallop rather than a rash stampede.’
    • ‘It's almost amusing when you consider that no one with any horse sense brings a handgun to a gunfight.’
    • ‘He talked more horse sense than any ten teachers I've ever run into.’
    • ‘Number one, he has the horse sense to stick to telling simple stories, and number two, he has a riotous and seemingly inexhaustible imagination with which he fulfills the grandiose promises of his projects.’
    • ‘These same boys and girls grew up to be doctors, nurses, police officers, soldiers, Presidents and at least one who lacked the horse sense to seek a higher paying job, turned out to be a writer.’
    • ‘If only the Fox News crowd had the same amount of horse sense.’
    • ‘I was reassured by evidence of outgoing Commissioner Pat Byrne and Minister for Justice Michael McDowell showing evidence of horse sense in tackling this issue.’
    • ‘Although the show enjoys a still-vibrant fan following that makes it easy for a studio to release season-by-season DVD boxed sets, MGM Home Entertainment shows little horse sense by releasing this second ‘best of’ collection.’
    • ‘It occurs to me that there's a third option - voters could get some horse sense and kick the idiots who proposed this out of office.’
    • ‘Who needs book learning when you've got horse sense?’
    • ‘Horses are extremely sensitive to our moods - they don't call it horse sense for nothing!’
    common sense, good sense, sense, sensibleness, native wit, native intelligence, mother wit, wit, judgement, sound judgement, level-headedness, prudence, discernment, acumen, sharpness, sharp-wittedness, canniness, astuteness, shrewdness, judiciousness, wisdom, insight, intuition, intuitiveness, perceptiveness, perspicacity, vision, understanding, intelligence
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horse sense

/ˈhôrs ˌsens/