Definition of horse opera in US English:

horse opera


North American
  • A western movie.

    • ‘When the two-fisted horse opera exhausted itself - there were only so many Indians to kill - it moved on to the ‘new frontier ‘of outer space.’
    • ‘This is a serviceable Western hampered by the unchanged story aspects of a thousand horse operas and some peculiar and unnecessary stunt casting.’
    • ‘His second novel, All Hat, was a modern horse opera about an ex-con who's forced to pilfer a prize-winning steed.’
    • ‘One of the most entertaining horse operas I've seen, perfect for a rainy afternoon. © 2001 Chris Dashiell’
    • ‘Thanks to the horrible western skit that Lucy and the gang conceive, plus the incredibly odd final product (a combination of Ricky's show, the hackneyed horse opera, and Little Ricky footage), the results are absolutely priceless.’
    • ‘Oh yeah, and he played the warrior-king Aragorn in Peter Jackson'sThe Lord of the Rings trilogy, which may have something to do with his being cast in the horse opera Hidalgo, opening this week.’
    • ‘Instead, this youth-oriented horse opera was left in a barn for two years, long enough for the Dawson Creek's star to outstay his welcome in the pages of Teen People.’
    • ‘Then a handsome blonde with a magnificent singing voice, she didn't seem exactly well-suited to horse operas.’
    • ‘Like so many horse operas, this is the story of an outlaw whose return threatens to destroy the bonds that hold a community together.’
    • ‘The only reason anyone should call Open Range one of the best westerns since Unforgiven, is that he means to say, there's been very little produced since Clint Eastwood's elegiac last word on the horse opera.’
    • ‘His emergence halfway through the novel turns a loony horse opera into a reflection on the loss of rural pride.’


horse opera

/ˈhôrs ˈˌäp(ə)rə/