Definition of horse around (or about) in English:

horse around (or about)

phrasal verb

  • Fool around.

    ‘schoolkids laughing and horsing around’
    • ‘I say to them, ‘my husband I think is horsing around.'’
    • ‘Bryson Donaldson, 12, was horsing around at his Muskogee, Oklahoma, school one morning last fall, mimicking the cops-and-robbers scenario that is as American as apple pie and Al Pacino.’
    • ‘Entitled, ‘We're a horsing around - it's a catastrophe ’, they were both dressed up as cats and had bandages around themselves and the pony.’
    • ‘The girls were helping themselves to some cookies when they saw some of them wandering in, laughing and horsing around after their excursion.’
    • ‘You know that game where I chase you around and we horse around on the floor?’
    • ‘Mr Annan gave him a pass, but told him not to horse around in the hall and to remember to wash his hands.’
    • ‘A powerful man tilting the scales at well over 200 pounds and dressed in full gear jumping on another man is not horsing around on a foam mat.’
    • ‘This didn't leave much time for the snowball fights and horsing around my friends engaged in.’
    • ‘It connotes eating, drinking, dancing, joking, laughing, and horsing around.’
    • ‘Peak photographer Josh Devins and I horsed around in our combat fatigues and chatted with the other reporters.’
    • ‘You'd like to think she did, maybe while she was horsing around with Diego in the early days, or when she was painting in her eyebrows on those self-portraits.’
    • ‘There will be plenty of horsing about going on at a big top near the Trafford Centre this week.’
    • ‘From moments of calm and almost stillness, there is a wonderful male glee in horsing around, pushing, shoving, improvising with arms, hands, positions and timing.’
    • ‘The actors laze about and horse around with each other until the time for their scenes.’
    • ‘It started off basically as a way to just horse around.’
    • ‘We did the usual horsing around, inventing handshakes and dumb dances and songs, but I really liked Robert Tsai who played Lawrence, the concert pianist, just because his vast knowledge of classical music was astonishing to me.’
    • ‘I enjoyed horsing around with a new person in the group, talking, arguing, eating, drinking, running around in breaks to see who can run faster.’
    • ‘I remember once, I was horsing around with her - she was trying to run me over with her chair and I was getting in close and leaping out of the way.’
    • ‘More young people are in school who would rather be elsewhere, and they tend to horse around.’
    • ‘I did nothing but read the paper, watch TV and generally horse around.’
    • ‘We arrived at the skate park laughing and continued to horse around.’
    • ‘There will be an hour of horsing around to Robbie Williams, followed by a Bob the Builder or Barbie cake.’
    • ‘Matthew House's first salon, in Lidget, Oakworth, includes an old-fashioned barber's chair, as well as an imported children's chair to horse around in.’
    • ‘Then we got to our transfer spot and as they waited mom and daughters fooled around, pulling at one another and horsing around.’
    fool about, fool around, play the fool, act foolishly, act the clown, act the fool, play about, play around, clown about, clown around, monkey about, monkey around, play tricks, indulge in horseplay, engage in high jinks
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