Definition of horse around in English:

horse around

phrasal verb

  • Fool around.

    ‘schoolkids laughing and horsing around’
    • ‘It connotes eating, drinking, dancing, joking, laughing, and horsing around.’
    • ‘I say to them, ‘my husband I think is horsing around.'’
    • ‘We arrived at the skate park laughing and continued to horse around.’
    • ‘The girls were helping themselves to some cookies when they saw some of them wandering in, laughing and horsing around after their excursion.’
    fool about, fool around, play the fool, act foolishly, act the clown, act the fool, play about, play around, clown about, clown around, monkey about, monkey around, play tricks, indulge in horseplay, engage in high jinks
    mess about, mess around, lark, lark about, lark around
    muck about, muck around
    cut up
    piss about, piss around, arse about, arse around, bugger about, bugger around
    play the giddy goat
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