Definition of horror-struck in US English:


(also horror-stricken)


  • (of a person) briefly paralyzed with horror or shock.

    ‘horror-struck, she stared at him with frightened eyes’
    • ‘It was a good thing Mrs. Scott's mom was so involved with her son, or else she'd have noticed the horror-struck expression on my face.’
    • ‘For the billboard, Kruger plastered her ‘Your body is a battleground’ slogan across a black and white photograph of a woman's horror-stricken face.’
    • ‘Lancelot immediately let her go and backed away, looking horror-struck.’
    • ‘Dr. Stephanie rushed into the room with a horror-stricken expression on her face.’
    • ‘Nicole stared at his bent-over form, her face horror-stricken.’
    • ‘You can just imagine the menacing yet horror-stricken look on my face when I found my wedding gown in pieces at my second dress fitting.’
    • ‘Jo Body, of High Road, Benfleet, was horror-struck when she found the black hairy beasts hatching from chrysalises on her neighbour's tree.’
    • ‘Tales of girls who had gotten pregnant were whispered in the dormitories at night in horror-stricken voices like muted wails.’
    • ‘By chance, my seat in the press box in Tulane Stadium was next to that of the late, great Jimmy Cannon, who was absolutely horror-struck by the incident involving the balloon.’
    • ‘I turned to the girl, who looked horror-struck.’
    • ‘I backed up, horror-stricken, staring at the doorframe.’
    • ‘Damien and Russ looked at each other, horror-stricken.’
    • ‘This created a horror-stricken panic in the men, who ran about looking for a route of escape, while men continually dropped from enemy bullets.’
    • ‘The India Today cover carries a scene of horror-stricken Indians fleeing the capital with a huge mushroom cloud serving as background.’
    • ‘So I think of Beckett as not being religious in the usual sense but at least being alive, being truly alive, and horror-struck by it.’
    • ‘Across the globe, freedom-loving people have been horror-struck by the unprecedented attack on civil society and everyday freedoms.’
    • ‘She stared, horror-struck, into his eyes and realised that his mind had turned.’
    • ‘England is considering the possibility that its World Cup dream could lie in tatters seven weeks before a ball is kicked, and a frenzied southern media is horror-struck.’
    • ‘Turning, I spot a quiet woman on a yoga mat, wearing a horror-stricken face.’
    • ‘And despite it, the drama rings true, from the angrily delayed passenger to the horror-struck office worker and her petty and malicious co-workers.’
    horrified, terrified, petrified, frightened, afraid, fearful, scared, panic-stricken, terror-struck, frightened to death, scared to death, scared stiff, scared witless, scared out of one's wits
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/ˈhôrər ˌstrək//ˈhɔrər ˌstrək/