Definition of horrifiedly in US English:



  • See horrify

    • ‘All four of us started and looked at each other horrifiedly.’
    • ‘When he saw me looking horrifiedly at the wreckage he skulked off and buried himself in the deepest corner of his doghouse and pretended to vanish.’
    • ‘Still, it saddens and amuses me every time I am asked horrifiedly if I really have no interest in, or knowledge of, the machinations of today's governments.’
    • ‘I shall not soon forget the bare-armed surgeons, with bloody instruments, that leaned over the rigid and insensible figure, while the comrades of the subject looked horrifiedly at the scene.’
    • ‘Yesterday, I realised (rather horrifiedly!) that I've passed the stage of just being a fan and had graduated to the status of an addict.’