Definition of horrendously in US English:



  • In an extremely unpleasant, horrifying, or terrible way.

    ‘his victims suffered horrendously’
    as submodifier ‘the prison is horrendously overcrowded’
    • ‘These changes were poorly written, horrendously acted, and served primarily as momentum stallers.’
    • ‘All the women in this history are either manipulated or corrupt or horrendously victimized.’
    • ‘Gravity is one of those subjects where seemingly simple questions have horrendously complex answers.’
    • ‘The current system is so horrendously complicated that people are being deterred from saving.’
    • ‘My father fought and suffered horrendously.’
    • ‘The decision means that punters who maintain they've been treated horrendously could take their cases to court.’
    • ‘Market researchers were asking commuters who were just getting off their horrendously crowded rush-hour trains.’
    • ‘I will be horrendously busy for the next week.’
    • ‘The two lovely animals suffered horrendously and are in terrible pain.’
    • ‘The film suffers from being horrendously miscast from the outset.’