Definition of hornwort in US English:



  • A submerged aquatic plant with narrow forked leaves that become translucent and horny as they age, occurring worldwide.

    Genus Ceratophyllum, family Ceratophyllaceae: two or more species, in particular C. demersum

    • ‘Be sure to include submergent plants such as common waterweed and hornwort for their high oxygen output.’
    • ‘A widely held view places liverworts as the first branch of the land plant tree, whereas some studies suggest that hornworts are the earliest land plants, with mosses and liverworts jointly forming the second deepest lineage.’
    • ‘Land plants are composed of four monophyletic groups: vascular plants, mosses, liverworts, and hornworts.’
    • ‘Current analyses include only one sample per group from mosses, liverworts, and hornworts and lack a major lineage of land plants, lycophytes.’
    • ‘Most importantly, the phylogenetic analysis results in a topology that places hornworts as a sister group to the vascular plants and mosses as the sister clade to the hornwort-tracheophyte group.’