Definition of hornless in US English:



  • See horn

    • ‘This particular type of animal is, indeed, extremely rare as hornless ewes comprise less than one per cent of this breed and total breed numbers are only around 5,000.’
    • ‘He didn't ask about her poor hornless unicorn that didn't speak.’
    • ‘Increases in the mean male body size in a population are therefore predicted to cause increases in the threshold body size that separates horned and hornless male morphs.’
    • ‘The modern Irish hornless breed known as the Moylie is typically ‘red-brown with white faces, and a continuous white stripe along their backs, or almost entirely white with red ears and muzzles’.’
    • ‘At Ali Kosh in the southern Zagros Mountains of Iran, an assemblage dating to about 7000 BC that includes hornless sheep is taken as clear evidence of flock manipulation.’