Definition of hornet moth in US English:

hornet moth


  • A clearwing moth which resembles a hornet, with larvae that burrow under tree bark.

    Several species in the family Sesiidae, including Sesia apiformis, which can be a pest of poplars

    • ‘Both this and the rather similar hornet moth are now on the wing.’
    • ‘At night we have had hornets buzzing around our outside light, I said to my husband not to worry about them because they were only hornet moths and completely harmless - wrong!’
    • ‘The American hornet moth is mostly blackish blue with some brown, orange, or yellow.’
    • ‘The hornet moth is a butterfly of the clearwing moths family (Sesiidae).’
    • ‘Apparently hornet moths are emerging at the moment but I've not seen any on the few poplars I know of round here.’