Definition of horned poppy in US English:

horned poppy

(also horn poppy)


  • A Eurasian poppy with grayish-green lobed leaves, large flowers, and a long curved seed capsule.

    Genus Glaucium, family Papaveraceae: several species, in particular the yellow horned poppy (G. flavum), which has become naturalized in the US, especially along the coast from Massachusetts to Virginia

    • ‘Dungeness is good for yellow horned poppies, and Vipers Bugloss, as well as Rosebay Willow Herb, and loads of stonecrops.’
    • ‘On shingle beaches one can sometimes still find yellow horned poppies, and in saltmarsh, common sea lavender and ditander.’
    • ‘Its odd common name of horned poppy refers to its almost foot-long curved seed pods that arch as they ripen.’
    • ‘My last stars of the fall garden are the horned poppies, Glaucium flavum and Glaucium grandiflorum.’
    • ‘You may also find yellow horned poppies, crocuses and orchids, depending on the terrain.’