Definition of horned lark in US English:

horned lark


  • A widespread lark of open country, especially the Arctic and mountains, the male having a black and white head pattern and two small black hornlike crests.

    Genus Eremophila, family Alaudidae: two species, in particular E. alpestris. British name: shorelark

    British term shorelark
    • ‘They are a bit bigger and plumper than a horned lark and they have a funny little crest on their head that always seems to be sticking straight up.’
    • ‘The longest living known individuals are an 8 year, 5 month old skylark and a 7 year 11 month old horned lark.’
    • ‘Migrating birds can be seen as early as January, when horned larks arrive, followed by waterfowl in February and March.’
    • ‘Out of sight a bird called, an early arrival, perhaps a horned lark.’
    • ‘I hadn't gone much farther when I found the horned larks that Bill said would be in the freshly manured field along the same road.’