Definition of horned grebe in US English:

horned grebe


  • A North American and northern Eurasian grebe with reddish underparts and a black and gold crest.

    Podiceps auritus, family Podicipedidae

    • ‘The diet of the horned grebe consists of aquatic insects, crustaceans, and mollusks.’
    • ‘Male and female horned grebes look alike, but males are slightly larger and more brightly colored.’
    • ‘The lakes and wetlands associated with the Kobuk, Koyukuk, and Selawik Rivers support breeding populations of common loons, horned grebes, and red-necked grebes.’
    • ‘If you are close enough to see the yellow tip, then you are looking at a horned grebe, because the bill is entirely dark on eared grebes.’
    • ‘They found there are a lot of horned grebes up there.’