Definition of hopping mad in English:

hopping mad


  • Extremely angry.

    • ‘At least there's this good news: plenty of folks are hopping mad over the incident.’
    • ‘That should send more than a few voters hopping mad.’
    • ‘The residents are hopping mad because they're going to have to pay $1 an hour to park in the town, and want free residents' stickers so only the tourists have to pay.’
    • ‘Recent gasoline price hikes have made many Canadians hopping mad.’
    • ‘Iain Murray isn't just shocked - he's hopping mad.’
    • ‘And I think when people find that out, they'll be hopping mad, and be mad at the proponents of this recall who are forcing them to spend $30 million for a special election.’
    • ‘Those turned away on Saturday night, though, are hopping mad.’
    • ‘That's why New York's elected officials are hopping mad.’
    • ‘This stuff makes me absolutely furious - hopping mad even!’
    • ‘The real bone of contention, however, and what has some Charter Quay residents hopping mad, is the rowdiness.’
    irate, annoyed, cross, vexed, irritated, exasperated, indignant, aggrieved, irked, piqued, displeased, provoked, galled, resentful
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