Definition of hophead in US English:



North American
  • A drug addict.

    • ‘And these plays are not attended by dole scroungers, Trotskyites, hopheads or peaceniks, but by the decent ordinary people of Galway.’
    • ‘The outside threat to the paper towel roll pipe proceedings gets us cheering for the hopheads, hoping that they defeat those who would harsh our buzz.’
    • ‘We looked on the hopheads, crooks and gunsels and on their bawdy ladies as members of a family among whom we were privileged to move.’
    • ‘Our friend Lieutenant Doncaster looked at the two hopheads, looked at me and knew right away I wasn't the Knightmare.’
    • ‘As far as I know our inward mail has been lost only once - when the delivery postman was robbed in broad daylight and his mailbag stolen by hopheads.’
    abuser, user
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Early 20th century: from hop + head.