Definition of hop to it in English:

hop to it


  • Begin a task quickly; get busy.

    ‘I shall have the experience of snapping my fingers and having people hop to it’
    • ‘She rolled her eyes and screamed ‘Well hop to it!’’
    • ‘So hop to it guys and gals, get your drinking caps on and chug down some of the good stuff.’
    • ‘Run laps at a track, ride a bike or grab a jump rope and hop to it!’
    • ‘If you haven't read ‘The Metaphysical Club,’ a brilliant work of intellectual history that is also a captivating page-turner, hop to it.’
    • ‘Whip them whenever they don't hop to it, and then take everything that they earn.’
    • ‘While a few parents are still hopping to it to fill open, begging mouths, most are recovering from the stress of the nesting season, molting their worn feathers and growing fresh new ones.’
    • ‘I imagined he'd be there until after I was gone, but he hopped to it and found an apartment with a terrace and everything.’
    • ‘This ID card brings back a lot of bad memories, many of them involving roommates who felt compelled to remind me that God's Disciples smile and that I had better hop to it.’
    • ‘Now, hop to it, we haven't got all the time in the world.’
    • ‘You have five minutes to get to your assigned stations, so hop to it!’
    • ‘She was just coming in because it was her day to vacuum our room and Tommy probably made her hop to it before it got too late, but it still surprised me since everybody else was done with chores.’
    • ‘If nobody has any comments or questions, let's hop to it.’
    • ‘So libraries that don't hop to it when patrons ask for unblocking may be in serious trouble - and may quickly find themselves in court.’
    • ‘‘That's just an excuse,’ said Alice. ‘Now hop to it.’’
    • ‘If you haven't discovered Clublife yet, you'd best hop to it before this blogger withdraws from cyberspace on the wings of a book deal.’
    • ‘Then she cleared her throat, and said, ‘Well, hop to it girls… we've got a long week ahead of us.’’
    • ‘Rather than pushing that not-due-for-a-few project aside, hop to it.’
    • ‘He was gesturing to the back of a large group of people ahead of me so without thinking, Poppy and I hopped to it and caught them up.’
    • ‘Waiting tables certainly wasn't Vincent's job, but he hopped to it.’
    • ‘The Bureau of Land Management hopped to it, fast-tracking gas-drilling permits across the Rocky Mountain West and developing an official policy to overcome ‘impediments’ to energy development.’