Definition of hoolock in US English:


(also hoolock gibbon)


  • A gibbon with white eyebrows, the male of which has black fur and the female golden, found from northeastern India to Burma (Myanmar).

    Hylobates hoolock, family Hylobatidae

    • ‘Male hoolock gibbons are black, while the females are variable in color, ranging through black, grey, and brown, with a white band across the forehead.’
    • ‘The world of the hoolock gibbons in the Borajan reserve forest in Assam is dying, thanks to illegal tree-felling.’
    • ‘The hoolock gibbon is a frugivorous species, but will also consume immature leaves, flowers, and invertebrates.’
    • ‘Hoolock Gibbon (Bunopithecus hoolock hoolock) is the only species of ape to be found in India.’
    • ‘Information is so scanty regarding the hoolock gibbon (found in Yunnan, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Assam) and the white-cheeked gibbon (found in Yunnan, Laos and Vietnam) that their conservation status is not even defined.’
    • ‘The Fakim Sanctuary, close to the Myanmar border, is inhabited by tigers and hoolock gibbons.’
    • ‘For a strictly arboreal species like the hoolock gibbon, a gap in the canopy is like a roadblock.’
    • ‘Adult hoolocks typically live in the crown region of the forest where they have no natural predators except man.’
    • ‘The principal chief conservator of forests had recently said hoolock gibbons were abundantly available in Assam and there was no need to raise a hue and cry to protect them.’
    • ‘Gibbons comprise four distinct genera (siamangs, hoolocks, crested gibbons and dwarf gibbons), which are less closely related to each other than humans and chimpanzees.’


Early 19th century: perhaps from Bengali and imitative of its cry.