Definition of hooktip in US English:



  • A slender moth that has hooked tips to the forewings. The caterpillar tapers to a point at the rear and rests with both ends raised.

    Family Drepanidae: Drepana and other genera

    • ‘Larvae of the common hooktip moth build silk nests that they must then defend against members of their own species.’
    • ‘Note the distinctive resting posture, very different from the ‘flatness’ of the other three hooktips.’
    • ‘The hooked forewing apex will identify this species as a hooktip, and the toothed forewing margin and pale almost unmarked hindwings will separate it from the other two hooktips, the Arched and Rose Hooktips.’
    • ‘I used to see rose hooktips on my viburnums all the time, but since the hurricane nearly two years ago, I haven't seen a single one.’