Definition of hook shot in US English:

hook shot


  • A one-handed shot in which a player extends one arm out to the side and over the head toward the basket.

    • ‘His hook shot is nice, but he needs a better countermove.’
    • ‘He has started to use his lefthanded hook shot more often.’
    • ‘Just as in a hook shot in basketball, stiffening the wrist will control the ball and throwing softly helps as well.’
    • ‘He missed an easy hook shot and his team lost the game.’
    • ‘The image of Magic Johnson rolling across the lane and launching a hook shot over Boston's big three is one of the most famous in basketball history.’
    • ‘And that was Erick Dampier on the other end during the same game, backing in for a hook shot and even looking graceful as he made the shot.’


hook shot

/ˈhʊk ˌʃɑt/