Definition of honeysucker in US English:



  • Any of a number of long-billed birds which feed on nectar, especially (in South Africa) a sunbird.

    • ‘I really miss southern summers, cold sweet tea, and the smell of honeysuckers.’
    • ‘It is an ornithologist's dream come true with an abundance of parrots, rosellas, honeysuckers, finches and nightbirds.’
    • ‘Be kind to the trees and they will bloom into flower for you and attract a flock of honeysuckers and a swarm of bees.’
    • ‘A daring honeysucker lands on the table next to us and meticulously removes each leftover crumb of bread.’
    • ‘On the one side we have baboons, lions, elephants, buffaloes, and giraffes; on the other spider-monkeys, pumas, tapirs, anteaters, and sloths; while among birds, the hornbills, turacos, orioles, and honeysuckers of Africa contrast strongly with the toucans, macaws, chatterers, and hummingbirds of America.’