Definition of honeypot in US English:



  • 1A container in which honey is kept.

    ‘an earthenware honeypot’
    ‘she always had men hovering round her like bees round a honeypot’
    • ‘People will gather like bees round a honey pot!’
    • ‘Her specialty is pottery and the shelves are lined with mugs, teapots, bowls, candle holders, honeypots and napkin rings.’
    • ‘Each honeypot is crafted in premium quality vitreous white earthenware and glazed with the finest clear glaze available.’
    • ‘There were also milk jugs and honeypots, jam dishes and fruit bowls exploiting the popularity of the cottage ware theme.’
    • ‘The men all seem to flock round me like bees around a honey pot.’
    • ‘Like bees to a honeypot, top players are always lured by money.’
    • ‘This delightful honeypot is beautifully crafted in fine white English bone china with a bee and beehive motif.’
    1. 1.1 An enticing source of pleasure or reward.
      ‘massive increases in government purchases became a honeypot for the unscrupulous’
      • ‘Historically pension fund surpluses have been a wonderful honeypot with which to finance rationalisation and early retirement without hitting earnings per share.’
      • ‘There are also claims of cronyism emerging around the massive multi-billion honeypot which awaits whichever IT firm wins the deal to produce the technology.’
      • ‘The new benefits system will be a honeypot for fraudsters.’
      • ‘The pension scheme is a honeypot for the privatised firms now running the rail industry, which each got a slice of the fund when the industry was broken up.’
      • ‘Army deafness litigation is another honeypot.’
      • ‘I have noted previously that charities often become little more than a honeypot for their staff.’
      • ‘State claims management - a veritable honeypot for lawyers and opportunists and a massive drain on the taxpayer - is now in NTMA's hands.’
      • ‘The leak comes hot on the heels of warnings that social-networking sites are honeypots for identity thieves.’
      • ‘Stockbrokers, investment bankers, and lawyers circled around the honeypot, each seeking to get their hands on a lucrative contract to do their bit in warming up the markets.’
      • ‘The Grand National, the climax of a three-day racing festival, does attract the wealthy yet equally those aspiring just to taste some of the honeypot.’
    2. 1.2 A place to which many people are attracted.
      ‘its elegant shops make Florence a global honeypot’
      • ‘Calls have been made for public loos at a tourist honeypot on the Furness coast to be kept open.’
      • ‘The guidebook says the North is as deserving of a visit as the tourist honeypots of the South, as dynamic development has transformed the region.’
      • ‘I mean King's Cross is an area that is a honeypot for a whole range of socially disadvantaged people, and that in itself is the vulnerability of the place.’
      • ‘Dry rot destroyed what would have been a tourist honeypot.’
      • ‘Virtual Cumbria, which offers complete 360 x 360 degree views of 150 of the county's most picturesque landscapes and honeypots, went online on Monday.’
      • ‘Bourton is a honeypot, but few people seem to make it to my favourite place, on the eastern edge of the village.’
      • ‘In the honeypot town of Grassington, already a magnet for visitors, they are also looking forward to even more tourists arriving.’
      • ‘A prominent site in the centre of a Lake District honeypot looks set to become one of the first developments for a newly-formed joint venture company.’
      • ‘The charity tends to avoid tourist honeypots, such as the Lake District, where it is easy to find other willing owners to rescue ruins, and instead works in less busy places.’
      • ‘The family's magnificent art deco café on the seafront, a honeypot for tourists since the 1930s, will continue trading while the search for a buyer goes on.’
      • ‘Set on the fringes of South Lakeland, the village is a much quieter place which attracts visitors looking for an escape from the honeypot tourist towns of the Lakes.’
      • ‘The area suffered another blow with the closure of more footpaths in the tourist honeypot of Ingleton.’
      • ‘Eighteenth-century St Petersburg was a honeypot for artists, art dealers, and craftsmen, rather as New York has become in the latter half of the 20th century.’
      • ‘He stated once that Castle Howard was probably the first venue to stage outdoor concerts, apart from opera honeypot Glyndebourne, in Sussex.’
      • ‘Enterprising parish councillors in one of the Lake District's premier tourist honeypots have mooted plans to develop their own car park in competition with the national park authority.’
      holiday destination, holiday centre, tourist centre, centre, spot, retreat, haunt
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