Definition of honey possum in US English:

honey possum


  • A tiny shrewlike marsupial with a long pointed snout and a prehensile tail, found only in southwestern Australia, where it feeds exclusively upon nectar and pollen.

    Tarsipes rostratus, the only member of the family Tarsipedidae

    • ‘Researchers at the University of Western Australia are working on two endangered species, the honey possum and the potoroo.’
    • ‘It has also been noted in the honey possum and some non-marsupial mammals such as bats and seals.’
    • ‘Interestingly, the honey possum belongs to the same marsupial taxonomic division as the dichromatic tammar wallaby.’
    • ‘One such animal, the honey possum - a very small creature that tips the scales at less than a tenth of an ounce - feeds exclusively on the nectar and pollen of colorful flowers, particularly those of the tree Banksia attenuata.’