Definition of honey-tongued in US English:



  • Eloquent and persuasive in speaking.

    ‘a honey-tongued politician trying to justify a war’
    • ‘He took the honey-tongued Brit and put him in charge of what is a combined $14 billion GE Healthcare unit.’
    • ‘It was another honey-tongued lie.’
    • ‘He is one of those honey-tongued types who can charm the molars out of your tightly clenched mouth.’
    • ‘I should have known better than to let that honey-tongued matchmaker trap me into marrying my precious child to the likes of you.’
    • ‘We have been warned about Aleppo's honey-tongued vendors, but are unprepared for the wonders of the souks - a labyrinthine network of dark passageways, which form the world's biggest covered market.’
    • ‘The sweet witty soul of Ovid lives in mellifluous and honey-tongued Shakespeare.’
    • ‘The honey-tongued President makes populist references to economic justice.’
    • ‘This sounded too stupid to be credible, especially since the, well, honey-tongued Shakespeare presumably knew that one of the smartest pieties of any era was always to flatter the boss.’